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Berry Plastics Introduces Polyken® 36H High-Performance Mounting Film Tape

Berry Plastics Corporation is proud to introduce Polyken® 36H, the latest addition to its premium aerospace tape line-up, offered through the Company's Polyken Tape Products brand.

Polyken 36H meets Boeing BMS5-173 Type 1, Class 1, Grade A specifications for mounting decorative plastic and metal trim pieces, decals, placards, and more to the interior of aircrafts. In addition, Polyken 36H's high-performance adhesive makes the tape ideal for similar applications on boats, recreational vehicles, and the like.
"Our goal was to develop a product that could be used for a broad range of applications and to meet the requirements of the Boeing specification," explained Mark Britton, Aerospace Sales Manager for Berry Plastics. "The development process of Polyken 36H yielded a product with amazing versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of OEM and MRO interior applications in both business and commercial aviation."
Polyken 36H is constructed on a 48 gauge polyester film and coated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive on both sides which delivers excellent shear strength, superior peel adhesion and good performance over a wide temperature range. The 36H features a 60lb bleached kraft liner for easy release and application. The specialty adhesive used for 36H provides high-performance anchorage to various substrates including plastics such as polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, TPO, and ABS as well as EPDM, ether, esther, and polyurethane foams. Additionally, the tape is flexible and conformable and resists humidity and plasticizer migration.

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