Kmart And Sears Survey Reveals Seasonal Decorating Trends For 2014

As soon as the first tree, light or stocking goes up – the holiday season has begun. According to a recent survey conducted by Kmart and Sears to gather insights about America’s decorating habits, 38 percent of Americans agree that putting up the first decoration signifies the official start of Christmas. And what is the most essential decoration for the holidays? According to those surveyed, it’s not strings of outdoor lights or even a nativity set. More than half (58 percent) said that the Christmas tree is the most essential holiday decoration.

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Mammoth Undertaking

People traveling in the area of 25th and Farnam Streets recently witnessed a rare sight — two enormous printing presses that were manhandled out of a second-floor window, hoisted high above the pavement by a giant crane, then gently deposited onto a flatbed truck.

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