Franken Warns FCC Against Weakening Net Neutrality

Senator Al Franken is warning the new head of the Federal Communications Commission that weakening the net neutrality rules would threaten free speech online. "Because of net neutrality, a handful of multibillion-dollar companies cannot control where their users get their information, and those massive corporations cannot choose to bury sites offering alternative viewpoints," Franken (D-Minnesota), writes in a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. "And because of net neutrality, people from across the nation can connect with each other, share their ideas on the internet, and organize a community effort." The rules, passed by a 3-2 vote in 2015, reclassified broadband access as a "telecommunications" service and imposed common-carrier obligations on broadband providers. The regulations prohibit Internet service providers from blocking or degrading traffic, and from engaging in paid prioritization. The FCC also broadly banned providers from hindering Web users and content companies from connecting with each other online -- although the scope of that prohibition remains uncertain. click Read More below for more of the story
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Mondi extends its heavy duty corrugated offering to the Polish market

A 2.8 metre corrugator with three single facers will be installed, expanding Mondi Simet’s product portfolio to heavy duty corrugated items and providing a wider choice for its customers in the region. A 2.40 metre box maker with a stitching unit will also be installed for heavy duty conversions, allowing short production runs with boards up to six metres in length. Customers in the furniture, automotive, aviation and chemical industries will benefit from optimised packaging for heavy or voluminous goods, logistics, as well as overseas shipping. The extended portfolio will comprise, for example, mono and multi material constructive packaging, Octabins for bulk packaging and large volume corrugated containers, including pak-(k)it® and stac-pac® pallet boxes. The paper based solutions have proven to be a superior alternative to heavier and more rigid systems, such as those made from metal or wood. Mondi Simet will work in close cooperation with Mondi’s heavy duty plant in Ansbach, Germany, which has a wealth of experience in operations and design with regard to tailored heavy duty products. click Read More below for additional detail
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Wine Drinkers Choose Glass Packaging For Taste, Quality

A new survey finds that 95% of wine drinkers prefer drinking wine that comes in a glass bottle, with taste (80%) and quality (81%) leading as the top reasons consumers prefer wine packaged in glass. Additionally, 61% of Millennial wine drinkers, and 55% of all wine drinkers, say glass wine bottles are the most sustainable, compared to 11% of all wine drinkers saying that about boxes, 4% for pouches, and 3% who say that about cans. The October 2016 SurveyUSA poll interviewed 2,000 adults age 21+ in the U.S. from all 50 states about their wine purchasing habits and wine consumption preferences. click Read More below for additional detail
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