3 Tips for Turning Clicks Into Conversions (mytotalretail.com)

The competition for gaining market share is heating up in the e-commerce space. As a result, brands and retailers are struggling to improve their revenue and profitability. While conversion rate remains one of the most important metrics for measuring success, not enough importance is placed on improving it. Here’s how that can change:

Let’s Start With the Basics
Personalization has been one of those buzzwords in e-commerce for years now, with many online retail executives recognizing the importance of promoting products and offers to shoppers uniquely tailored to their preferences.

In spite of the hype, online retailers still have a long way to go if they’re going to deliver on their promise of providing consumers what they say they want when shopping online. Brands aren’t consistently delivering e-commerce personalization, even in the richest data-driven environments.

This leaves hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue on the table. That’s a big miss, given the ample evidence that personalization — when executed effectively — can result in dramatic increases to conversion rate, average order size and revenue per visit.
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