40% US readers seeking “more reputable” news sources: How news rating tools can help publishers (whatsnewinpublishing.com)

The past few years have seen the launch of several news rating services that measure the trustworthiness of news organizations. They have grown amidst increasing concerns over fake news negatively affecting trust levels in news media. News rating tools aim to combat the effects of fake news by helping publishers assert their credibility.

While it’s still early days, such tools may turn out to be valuable for publishers. The Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019 found that trust level in the news media is down by 2% to 42%. And less than half of the readers (49%) agree that they trust the news media they themselves use.

The researchers comment, “Political polarisation has encouraged the growth of partisan agendas online, which together with clickbait and various forms of misinformation is helping to further undermine trust in media – raising new questions about how to deliver balanced and fair reporting in the digital age.”

Readers are seeking reputable news sources
However, readers’ concern over fake news has led them to seek out trusted news brands. According to the report, 26% of readers have started relying on ‘more reputable’ sources of news. This figure rises to 36% in Brazil, and 40% in the US. Additionally, 24% said they had stopped using news sources that had a ‘less accurate reputation.’

This is where news rating services may be useful to publishers. For example, NewsGuard which works through a free browser plugin, has journalists and editors review and rate news and information websites based on pre-selected journalistic criteria. The plugin assigns red or green shield-shaped labels to news sites where green represents trustworthiness, and red, the opposite.
more at source: https://whatsnewinpublishing.com/2019/07/40-us-readers-seeking-more-reputable-news-sources-how-news-rating-tools-can-help-publishers/

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