5 Reasons You Must Attend Next Month’s National Catalog Forum

1. Newly-appointed PRC Commissioner, recently-named USPS Governor analyze the fate of the Postal Service: New Postal Regulatory Commission commissioner Michael Kubayanda and postal governor David C. Williams both previously served at the USPS Office of the Inspector General. Now serving on separate entities surrounding the Postal Service, they will lay out all possible options for reforming the agency to best serve catalogers’ and other mailers’ needs going forward.

2. Action plan for tariffs on imported merch: Angela Paolini Ellard from House Ways & Means will be part of a panel that will address catalog and other sellers of imported goods now being subject to paying 10% (or possibly greater) tariffs, the ongoing trade deliberations with China, including the impact of the US-China tariff policy, as well as a projected outlook on when, and how, this could come to end. This, coupled with an updated NAFTA and pending new free trade agreements with the EU, UK and Japan, means global supply chains could be disrupted or impacted.

3. Clearing up post-Wayfair remote sales tax confusion: Marshall C. Stranburg from the Multistate Tax Commission will discuss the post-Wayfair state tax landscape, including the wave of new state tax laws and the states’ enforcement of those laws. Martin I. Eisenstein from Brann & Isaacson, the legal firm that has represented a number of catalog retailers regarding state tax obligations, will provide his insights on navigating sales tax collection and other state tax obligations. They will explain what the states’ plans are regarding sales by retailers and sales on marketplaces.

4. How the Postal Service fits your catalog marketing needs: As the Postal Service’s chief customer & marketing officer, Jacqueline Krage Strako has sought to advance corporate strategy development to improve the customer experience, align the Postal Service’s goals to effectively meet customers’ needs, and build a more customer-centric organization in an increasingly digital and rapidly evolving marketplace. As one of the highest-ranking postal officials, she also oversees all product marketing, development and management. Ms. Strako will explain mail’s evolving role and how the Postal Service continues to advance the value of mail.

5. Catalog Day on Capitol Hill, April 9th: Following the opening afternoon on April 8th of sessions with government and postal officials, and others with skin in the catalog/e-commerce sectors, all attendees will storm Capitol Hill on April 9th to meet with members of Congress. There, you will be given a chance to explain to key legislators the dire needs for postal reform and Federal remote sales tax legislation, as both directly impact your business.

Review Full Agenda at: http://catalogmailers.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/ACMA-Forum-Agenda-2019.pdf
Register at: http://catalogmailers.org/product/12th-annual-national-catalog-forum-registration-page/
more details at: http://catalogmailers.org/engage-with-those-who-control-your-fate-at-the-national-catalog-forum-april-8-10-washington/

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