65% Of Consumers Believe It’s A Risk To Give Up Their Data To Brands (mediapost.com)

by Laurie Sullivan @lauriesullivan
People willing to share data with brands increasingly want to know that the value they receive outweighs the risk of the data being compromised — so a greater number, especially older generations, are clearing their browser history and cookies, according to survey findings released Wednesday.

InfoGroup surveyed 1,000 consumers to better understand their attitudes toward privacy. The report — Privacy Matters: How Different Generations Think About Their Data — reveals the differences between generations and provides insight into the strategies companies can implement to build consumer trust.

Concerns about privacy continue to grow. Some 88% of consumers surveyed are concerned about the privacy of their data, and 80% are much more concerned today compared with the past.

Some 60% of consumers believe privacy no longer exists in this “hyper-connected” world, yet 57% are alarmed when they see a product they searched for online advertised on social media like Facebook or Twitter. This suggests a lack of understanding of common marketing tactics that use consumer data to improve targeting and ad relevance.
more at source: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/348011/65-of-consumers-believe-its-a-risk-to-give-up-th.html

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