ACMA Can Mitigate Pain of 25% Tariffs on Some Chinese Imports for Members (

As you’ve no doubt heard, President Trump is threatening to increase tariffs on Chinese imports from 10% to 25%, which will significantly impact all sellers of such goods, particularly small companies with limited resources to mitigate the impact. The tariff would cover nearly 6,000 products and parts, such as furniture, apparel, electronics, leather goods, hardware, domestics, bicycles, and plenty other items. If the trade war continues, expect the product listing to expand further to cover virtually 100% of Made in China goods.

Essentially, you have two options: Do nothing and pay the tariffs or file a duty exemption on your own, which without expert help to advise you is less likely to be approved. For ACMA members only, there is fortunately a third, far-more attractive option:

Through a special arrangement, ACMA is now offering members (only) an exclusive subscription service to help provide assistance in preparing, supporting and filing duty exemption requests.

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