After More Than 150 Years, Sentinel Printing Is Slated to Close Its Doors (

The oldest business located in St. Cloud, Minn., is scheduled to close its doors in December, ending a more than 150-year run. Sentinel Printing, which was founded in 1854 and is currently owned by Brainerd. Minn.-based the CJK Group, will cease operations on Dec. 1, 2019, according to an Oct. 2 article in the St. Cloud Times.

Although some positions may be available at the Brainerd facility (Bang Printing, which is about 60 miles away), Susan Wiercinski, VP of marketing at CJK Group, confirmed to the local newspaper that nearly four dozen Sentinel employees will lose their jobs. A limited number of workers will reportedly stay on to completely close the Sentinel Printing location by Dec. 31, the paper indicated.

As this article was being finalized, Wiercinski responded to an interview request for more information from Printing Impressions, indicating that “Bang and Sentinel actually began integrating the two companies roughly two years ago, starting with the management teams, sales, and customer service, and then moving to other areas of the business,” she wrote in an email. “The relocation of the equipment and the closure of the St. Cloud plant is the final step in that long process.”
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