Allrecipes’ unlocks audio content through Meredith’s SmartCodes (

About nine months after including SmartCodes across its portfolio, Meredith has ventured further into multimedia, by incorporating audio content into the array of opportunities and experiences its readers can access through its exclusive QR codes.

Allrecipes’ June/July issue, which hits stands this week, has QR-code enabled audio content sprinkled throughout. It’s the first time the magazine has used a SmartCode to unlock exclusive audio content, and helps home cooks connect with the brand across channels in fun, informative ways, said Jennifer Darling, editor-in-chief of Allrecipes. Thus far, Allrecipes has shared recipes from the website, and helping its readers shop for products using SmartCodes. Past SmartCodes have also led readers and consumers to video.

“Audio is the next logical step for us because Allrecipes is a community of people and they’re always talking through their ratings, reviews, recipes online, and we curate that in the magazine,” she said. “Actually hearing their voices was a really great step for our community.”

Audio content through SmartCodes allows Allrecipes to expand their offering within each issue, without having to increase the cost of their magazine, Darling explained. “It’s a great benefit to the reader and to us because we can tell more of a story by expanding with this information. It’s just being sure that your content is relevant to the reader.”

The voice behind the new content is Elise Mayfield, host of IGTV series “Smart Cookie.” Mayfield recorded six separate audio clips for the June issue, including one about her and a mix of funny things that introduce her personality, Darling explained. For example, there’s a SmartCode on the June issue editor’s letter, introducing Mayfield and the SmartCode-enabled audio content in the pages to follow. “We also wanted to share some cooking-related tips, so, she talks in one of the audio clips about muffins and how to make sure that you’re mixing them right.”
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