Amazon’s Toy Catalog Just Dropped, And Shows Just How Much They Know About Us (

Amazon’s second annual toy catalog has been dropping this week across the U.S. The differences and similarities in this year’s edition tell us something about Amazon’s goals in this category, but also shows just how much data Amazon has at its fingertips to help drive shopper demand.

The catalog is the second edition that Amazon produced, and while there are some similarities with the 2018 edition, this year Amazon has rolled out a few new tricks to ensure they capture their slice of the holiday shopping pie.

The products have no prices, just “Scan & Shop” QR codes linking back to the online page. This is the same as last year’s edition. Since Amazon reprices items on its site millions of times per day, it’s impossible to advertise a set price for each item. This nifty workaround not only ensures customers don’t see a price that Amazon can’t hold, but it draws shoppers back to the site immediately. To find products from the catalog, I just opened my Amazon app, hit the button to do a visual search (as opposed to typing) and was able to scan the ‘SmileCode’ from right within the Amazon app—no separate app necessary.

There’s also a tie-in to Prime Video. Just in case parents of young children haven’t heard “Baby Shark” enough times, the catalog reminds you that you can find the TV shows that correspond to the licensed products sold on Amazon. Amazon Prime now has some popular kids TV shows of their own, like The Stinky & Dirty Show, and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, and the toy catalog promotes some licensed toys as Amazon-exclusive items, alongside big names like Peppa Pig, which can also be viewed on Prime Video. Tying in Prime Video with the toy catalog is another way for Amazon to promote all the benefits of Prime and ensure member stickiness.

There’s a sticker sheet to tag your wishlist items. This is a fun addition that will bring a smile to kids faces and help both parents and children to engage with the content. There’s also a mad-libs page and space for kids to write their own wishlist.
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