An Update on Adventure Sports Network’s Print Publications

By Tiffany Montgomery

The new owners of the Adventure Sports Network (ASN) continue to trim print titles while focusing more on online, video and other initiatives.

A notice that went out today to Transworld Skateboarding subscribers saying the magazine would no longer be published and readers would receive Men’s Journal instead caused a social media uproar. Many feel an emotional attachment to Transworld Skate, especially those who grew up reading it in the heyday of magazines.

American Media (AMI), the new owner of ASN, also owns Men’s Journal in addition to the National Enquirer, Us Weekly and myriad other magazines.

Transworld Skate addressed the outpouring of emotion on social media in a classy way in an Instagram post.

“Thank you for all the love…While the subscription/newsstand based print mag is no longer, (sorry about that notice letter), TWS is still a brand with a crew here working on digital projects like: A feature length Daewon Song documentary out in May and other quality content on our website, YouTube, and other social channels. Special Limited Print editions are being planned.

“Thank you to everyone that has worked here on the magazine over 36 years for all of your inspiration and dedication to skateboarding. And Thank You to all of our subscribers, readers and audience for the support and love through the years. Onto the next chapter. -TWS crew”

Many Transworld Skate fans that commented thanked the magazine for its inspiration over the years.

In addition to Transworld Skate, AMI is also closing Transworld Snow, I am told.

When AMI acquired ASN, it immediately closed Transworld Moto and RideBMX.

Several print products remain, however. Surfer, Powder and Bike will continue in print with both subscription and newsstand editions. I am told Snowboarder will continue with its free core print program.

The discontinuation in print products reflects what is happening in the media world overall. One reason AMI liked ASN is because of its digital reach and event expertise.
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