Appleton Coated Debuts Promotion Pairing Paper and Beer

Showcasing the versatility and sustainability of its Utopia coated paper brand, Appleton Coated is releasing Perfect Pairings. The promotion is an educational guide to paper finishes using craft beer and food pairings as its visual and creative premise.

Likening the art and craft of papermaking with that of craft beer brewing, the printed promotion informs and inspires.

“Craft beer has many styles to appeal to many tastes and so does coated paper. We are hearing from the market that this new piece really hits the spot. It uses different elements of craft beer to guide the reader and lend insight into how the paper can deliver a strong sustainability message as well as the best printed results,” says Ferkó X. Goldinger, Appleton Coated’s marketing manager.

He continues, “The guide highlights how choosing the right paper is key for brand consistency as well as being a tangible platform for a company’s sustainability efforts. It also shows that high quality print and highly-sustainable paper choices are another perfect pairing.”

Printed entirely on Utopia Two® and U2:XG®, the piece also demonstrates that choosing 30% post-consumer recovered fiber U2:XG delivers high-end printed results with no tradeoffs in quality for the same price as a standard #2 coated paper. Creative firm Rule29 also developed an infographic that explains each paper and helps readers choose the proper coated paper for their ideas. An added bonus is a chart that beer enthusiasts can use to better understand different craft beers’ tastes and ideal pairings.

Appleton Coated partners with Central Waters Brewing Co, a craft brewery in Amherst, Wisconsin, to create beautiful photographic spreads of foods and brews that allow the quality of the papers to shine.

Adds Goldinger, “Wisconsin has a long and proud tradition of beer brewing and paper making, it is great to be able to feature Central Waters’ products as well as our own – all made in Wisconsin by two sustainably-focused companies.”

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