Arandell Expands with Acquisition of Third Co-Mailer

As the nation’s premier catalog solutions provider, Arandell announces it will install its third co-mailer this summer, further expanding its world-class production capabilities to service new business.  The expansion is the result of tremendous growth in customer utilization of its existing high-performing co-mailing capabilities and efficiencies. The new machine will enable Arandell to triple its co-mailing capacity while continuing to deliver the same premium-quality products and the highest level of service it is renowned for.

“Our goal is to provide maximum postage savings for our customers through Arandell’s state of the art co-mail program” says Richard L. Kropski, SVP of Supply Chain and Logistics.  “Our continuing strategy to invest in our co-mail platform, along with our proprietary optimization solutions increases our capacity to drive best in industry postage savings and postal delivery performance.”

The co-mail process works by combining mailstreams from multiple customers into a single mailstream.  This creates mailing efficiencies by leveraging the combined volume to drive significant postage savings.  As the mailing volume of catalogs nears its seasonal peak, Arandell reports that it is now breaking company records for co-mail pool sizes ranging upwards of 20 million pieces. This aggregated total volume optimized into co-mail runs that will generate substantial customer postal savings.

Arandell works behind the scenes to power businesses across the globe.  The world’s leading retailers rely on Arandell’s data-driven, omni-channel marketing solutions to communicate and connect with their customers.  Mailing and distribution represents more than half the cost of a typical catalog program, so the ability to help clients save money is a critical value.  Given the potential for postal increases and other changes in the future, this advantage will become even more important for Arandell’s customers.

The third co-mail machine is projected to be fully operational by mid-August.  Celebrating 94 years of operation, Arandell has continually expanded and diversified to meet the needs of its customers and employees.

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