Bag-in-Box for Edible Oil: A Cost Effective and More Sustainable Packaging Solution for the QSR, Movie Theater and Food Service Industries

The Bag-in-Box with polyethylene-based bag is the ideal solution for edible oils because of its ease of use and recyclability when empty.

DS Smith Plastics Rapak North America is focused on sustainable packaging solutions for retail, foodservice and industrial use. With plastic Jug-in-Box (JIB) and tin containers as the industry standard for the edible oil market, Rapak found the need to develop a durable 35 lb. cost-effective and lightweight Bag-in-Box solution.

The specially designed polyethylene bag for Bag-in-Box edible oil provides excellent moisture barrier and grease resistance. Bag-in-Box packaging for edible oil and other oil-based liquids extends shelf life, preserves quality, dispenses reliably and provides less environmental impact compared to conventional rigid containers.

Preserved Quality: The Bag-in-Box provides UV-light protection and oxidation protection ensuring flavor integrity, product quality, and shelf life extension.

More Sustainable: The reduced weight allows Bag-in-Box to be easily stored and transported, reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The Bag-in-Box features a recyclable box and collapsible bag to make it easily disposable after its intended use. In fact, Rapak’s edible oil bag for Bag-in-Box is the only all polyethylene-based oil bag in the industry, making it much easier to recycle than multi-layer alternatives.

Easy to Use: DS Smith Plastics Rapak’s Bag-in-Box pour spout and screw cap bag options provide controlled pouring that is convenient for the quick service, movie theater and food service industries.

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