Bag-in-Box, the Ideal Solution for Soap and Hand Cream Dispensers

Whereas refilling soap dispensers from bulk containers can cause spills and messes, a Bag-in-Box solution comes in a contamination-free sealed pouch with integrated dispensing means. It makes refills easy to store and quick to handle.

With cleanliness being a top priority in any hospitality and healthcare facility, Bag-in-Box is one of the most popular solutions for wall-mounted hand soaps, sanitizers, moisturizers and other personal hygiene liquids.

High-traffic restrooms, schools and kitchens typically use 800-1200 ml Bag-in-Box cartridges that can be designed to suit most wall-mounted dispensers in the market. For the hospitality industry, smaller sizes are more popular for shampoo, body gel, hand cream and other personal care products. For high volume industrial applications, the ideal option is a three or five liter Bag-in-Box for hand soap and sanitizer.

Benefits of Bag-in-Box liquid soap dispensing system:
Simple and quick re-fills without spillage
Portion control – precise dosing
Effectively utilizes full inner-dispenser space
Collapsible bag ensures less wasted product
Sanitary-sealed bags with integral nozzle area
Less plastic than alternatives

For even lower environmental impact, a “box-less” bag option is also available with a multi-pack transit wrap-around allowing to improve the product-packaging ratio. For example, for four liters of soap, the flexible bag uses 125 grams of plastic against 800 grams used for HDPE bottles, reducing packaging waste by an impressive 85%!

DS Smith Rapak produces a wide variety of bag sizes and specifications, as well as a choice of dispenser systems, caps and tubes that suit different product viscosities.

Autokap filling machines for Bag-in-Box by Rapak®

Bag-in-Box filling equipment requires very low investment compared to any other technology and only occupies 5-70 m2 space, which is five times less than PET bottle lines. Rapak offers a variety of semi-automatic and fully automated fillers with an easy operator interface and Cleaned in Place (CIP) feature.

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