Bertelsmann Expands Education Business in Brazil

Bertelsmann is further expanding its activities in the Brazilian education business. Together with the renowned investment company Bozano Investimentos, the Group is setting up a new fund to invest in fast-growing educational companies in the South American country. One investment focus of the fund with a target endowment of 800 million Brazilian real (approx. €230 million) is medical education.

With a stake of nearly 40 percent, Bertelsmann is the anchor investor in the “Bozano Educacional 2” fund. Besides the international media, services and education company, numerous renowned private and institutional investors are participating. Bozano Investimentos manages the fund, which is expected to invest in six to eight companies.

Thomas Rabe, Chairman & CEO of Bertelsmann, says: “This investment in Brazil is another step on the path to establishing Bertelsmann as a faster growing and more international company. We will continue to invest in education with a view to expanding the business into a third pillar alongside media and services in the medium term.”

As part of its growth strategy Bertelsmann has significantly expanded its activities in the education sector during the past year. In addition to acquiring the online education provider Relias Learning in October 2014, in February this year the Group invested in Alliant International University in the U.S., thereby taking the first steps to establishing an international university network in the Health and Human Sciences sectors. At the end of March, Bertelsmann significantly increased its holdings in Synergis Education, a university services provider in the United States. In June, Bertelsmann invested in Affero Lab, the Brazilian market leader for corporate training/e-learning.,15872,

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