Best-Selling Author Dave Lorenzo to Release The 60 Second Sale

The sales industry has changed, becoming more relationship-focused than ever, and legacy sales gimmicks now destroy those relationships. According to best-selling author, business strategy consultant, and sales expert, Dave Lorenzo, business relationships are built one minute at a time. It is in that minute that you have an opportunity to strengthen your relationship or destroy it.

In his new book, The 60 Second Sale: The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye, set to be published by Wiley this July, Lorenzo shares his foolproof system for building profitable and lifelong relationships by making every 60 seconds count. According to Lorenzo, it’s the people who focus on relationships and believe that what they are selling will help the people they’re selling it to are the most successful.

In today’s relationship-focused sales environment, The 60 Second Sale will explore:

  • Who to target for immediate income and how to start a sales conversation in 60 seconds.
  • Five ways to initiate new relationships and a powerful yet easy-to-use system to generate relationship revenue.
  • What to say to make sure your business meetings result in money in the bank along with the secret to getting a “yes” every time, even in the most competitive sales environment.
  • The winning mindset that removes the stress, uncertainty, and fear from income generation.

The 60 Second Sale explores ways to open doors, close deals, and make more money by leveraging your natural strengths and expertise, by demonstrating your value, and ultimately building trust with clients, all in the very first minute.

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