Big Changes Could Be Looming for Postal Customers (

Always an area for speculation and consternation, the USPS is keeping us guessing on what will be included in their 10-year plan to Congress on long-time survivability. In the meantime, businesses should be prepared for some potential short-terms changes, including the possibility of the United States pulling out of the Universal Posting Union.

Helping us all understand what we are facing at the moment, Chris Lee and Anita Pursely shared their insights in this Industry Corner Podcast.

Pursley, senior manager at BBC Software and a recognized postal rates expert, attended the Postal Operation Technology Committee meeting in Minneapolis this spring, and relates what she learned from Steve Phelps, USPS’ acting VP of pricing and costing. She came away with a handful of insights:

1. Marketing mail flats are going up by around 4%
2. Weight break on marketing mail flats under evaluation

Will the US leave the Universal Postal Union?
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