Blanks/USA Unveils Lift Off™ Paper Products

Blanks/USA, a market leader in die cut paper technology, has unveiled a new, patent pending product line called Lift Off™; the industry’s first easy-to-release, print-ready, die cut paper product. Lift Off™ improves the quality of all digitally oriented die cut products and increases efficiency during assembly.

“There’s nothing else on the market like it—allowing you to digitally produce dimensional or die cut substrates,” said Andy Ogren, CEO. Lift Off™ products are highly innovative, breaking away from industry standard perforated formats, which often result in accidentally ripping or tearing the product and tediously slow assembly. Lift Off™ offers greater durability than perforated formats because of its tear resistant back. The finished product has smooth edges ensuring the high quality look and feel that customers desire.

Unlike traditional perforated formats, Lift Off™ requires minimal effort to be assembled in to a dimensional piece. Lift Off™ dimensional products can be assembled in as fast as 16 seconds.

All Lift Off™ products are compatible with copier, laser, and offset printers. HP Indigo formats are also available. Lift Off™ can be printed on a variety of substrates including vellum, invercote, cast coat, felt, and synthetics. Without a minimum order requirement, small businesses can replenish their stock as it becomes necessary and printers are not limited to only large orders.

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