Blue4est® – Sustainability in Action!

In the second-to-last issue of Koehler Rundschau, we presented the latest addition to our thermal paper family: Blue4est®. A blue thermal paper that is one-of-a-kind, patented, and award-winning. And also durable, sustainable, and non-hazardous. This is a lot of superlatives for such a small roll of paper. But the new Blue4est® has it all – or actually not.

For example, Blue4est® does not use Color formers and color developers – chemicals that are traditionally required to produce thermal paper. Blue4est®, on the other hand, works completely without the use of these substances. The color reaction, or alternatively thermal printing, is a purely physical reaction of the paper to heat. So that is the technology behind it.

But what does this actually mean? For example, Blue4est® is the only thermal paper worldwide that is approved for direct contact with food. No other thermal paper is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. This is confirmed by four renowned environmental awards we have received for Blue4est® together with our partner Dow Chemical.

Well, that actually makes it an ingenious advertising medium, this blue thermal paper. The receipt as the company’s business card, sustainability in action. Every customer can experience this directly by holding a receipt in his hand, which is noticeably different simply because of the color. And not only different, but sustainable. A small piece of paper with a major impact – try it out for yourself! We have created a new sample box especially for this purpose, made from our creative cardboard and awarded the Blue Angel. In addition to two POS cash register rolls, the box contains a flyer with the most important information. Your Koehler sales partner will be happy to tell you everything else in a personal conversation. Interested? Then simply request your own personal sample box today. By the way, Blue4est® works in all standard thermal printers. Simply insert the roll and start printing.

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