Book Industry Environmental Council Releases New Report Tracking Industry Trends

2016industrytrends-2Today, the Book Industry Environmental Council (BIEC) released a new report tracking environmental trends in the U.S book industry. This is the third such report by the BIEC, which conducts bi-annual surveys of book publishers, printers and paper manufacturers supplying the industry. After restructuring the publishers’ survey to increase participation, this year’s report received its largest response so far from all three polled sectors.

Data from the most recent paper manufacturer survey suggest that both recycled fiber and certified fiber in paper suitable for use in books decreased rather substantially in 2014. Yet, most publishers indicated that they were on track to achieve recycled and certified fiber goals. This trend is explored in detail throughout the report, as is the apparent contradiction between publisher expectations and paper manufacturers’ responses.

“Book publishing’s environmental impact is smaller today than it has ever been. Some of this reduction is the direct result of a changed business, but the book industry has worked hard on sustainability. This report is a cornerstone in tracking this hard work, defining hard work still to be done, and identifying ancillary counter forces that need future attention,” commented Bill Rojack of Midland Paper, who co-chairs the BIEC.

The full environmental trends report, which provides in-depth information about the production and use of environmentally responsible paper, as well future expectations and environmental policy goals of book publishers, printers and paper manufacturers supplying the book industry, is available at:

New Coordinator
Beginning in October, Todd Pollak from Green Press Initiative will be stepping down from his role as coordinator of the BIEC. SEE Innovation, the parent organization of Green Press Initiative plans to discontinue future work on the Green Press project, and Mr. Pollak will instead focus on one of SEE Innovations other initiatives, The Project for Improved Environmental Coverage which seeks to increase the quantity, quality and visibility of environmental news in the media.

The BIEC has contracted Valerie Lyle to serve as its new coordinator. Ms. Lyle previously worked in purchasing and book production at HarperCollins, Bell Atlantic, and Random House. She was a founding member of the BIEC and the Paper Issues Working Group of the AAP, and is currently president of the board of directors at Saw Mill River Audubon. She is excited at this opportunity to work with former colleagues on issues that are so important to the future of books and the planet.

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