Cadbury – Spreading the love with smart packaging

Standing out in a crowded field of fashionable and premium confectionery brands on one of the most popular chocolate gifting holidays, Valentine’s Day, is difficult! For years, Cadbury Milk Tray has been a ‘go to’ offer for many UK chocolate lovers however the challenge was to have this nostalgic box chocolate brand appeal to a younger, digitally connected audience. Cadbury’s challenge was to turn the act of receiving a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates into a memorable emotional experience, which would resonate with new and old customers alike.

Innovative packaging provided the solution to Cadbury’s challenge, with a Valentine’s Day in-store promotion the linked the digital and physical world. The creative execution was simple and perfectly supported the gifting occasion. With their mobile phone camera, consumers simply scan a MaXQ QR code on Milk Tray packaging and record a personal video message to their Valentine. Milk Tray recipients then scan the MaXQ QR code with their phone and can see the video message creating a unique digital experience that built upon prior personalized. The personalized marketing was intended to not only create a unique digital experience and attract a new generation of customers, but also drive sales of a Cadbury classic. Watch the video here

The recorded videos could be posted on social media to literally ‘share the love’ and bring other consumers closer to the brand. The personalized Milk Tray box, powered by Cadbury and Amcor, allowed consumers to answer the campaign’s call to action: “What would you say with Milk Tray?”

“Amcor’s MaXQ digital packaging system re-invents gifting to make Valentine’s Day more memorable and personal. This novel approach will no doubt remind consumers why Cadbury continues to be one of Britain’s most iconic brands.” – Chris Fesen, Amcor Marketing Manager, Food.

MaXQ, the end-to-end digital packaging system developed by Amcor and technology partner Kezzler, comes with a unique digital code designed to increase consumer engagement and loyalty. A single scan lets consumers view complete product information, benefit from updated promotions or even have a live conversation with the brand.

A scan of the unique code can empower consumers with product features, detailed nutritional information and product background. Such information can be personalised to the consumer, including via localized content and bespoke allergy alerts.

Furthermore, each digital code acts as a proof of purchase once scanned, so consumers can receive tailored rewards and targeted messages. Brands benefit from having a detailed picture of customers by integrating MaXQ’s analytics with their CRM system, creating an interactive loyalty program with minimal effort.

MaXQ also enables consumer dialogue. By scanning the unique digital code printed on a pack, consumers can take part in surveys, rate products and get in touch with brand teams for two-way discussion.Visit the product page.

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