Catalyst Paper Corp. named one of Canada’s top corporate citizens

For the 12th year, I am pleased to advise that Catalyst has been named one of the Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada by Corporate Knights magazine, a leader in corporate sustainability and transparency reporting.

Catalyst was selected for this award based on its performance against 12 key sustainability indicators, including greenhouse gas production, percentage of taxes paid, health and safety performance, and pension fund quality.

We are proud to be acknowledged for the 12th year as one of Canada’s Best Corporate Citizens. This designation recognizes the investments we have made to put our sustainability values and commitment into practice.

The Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada list represents the standard for corporate sustainability leadership in Canada. These are organizations that increase profits by improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with emphasis on transparency and continuity – in other words, companies that are leading the way to a more sustainable world.

I am proud to share this award with all Catalyst employees. It’s each of our contributions that helps us to achieve our company’s overall sustainability goals and earn this type of prestigious recognition.

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