Celebrate International Print Day 2018

International Print Day 2018 is designed to help celebrate our mutual love of CMYK and help PRINT trend across social media. This year the theme is COLLABORATION!

We are all in this together and when we work together, share ideas and create projects and products together, we are all better for it – and so are the projects and products.

On October 17, 2018, share your collaborative print projects through social media using #IPD18 and #printwith.

Two Sides shares in this love for collaboration by working with our members by providing a forum to help people gain a better understanding of why Print and Paper is a versatile and sustainable communications medium.

Why do so many people love Print?

Print promotes literacy and education
•Research has found children remember more details from stories they read on paper than stories they read in e-books.
•65% believe that reading news in a printed newspaper provides a deep understanding of the story

Print is enjoyable, relaxing, and practical
•72% prefer reading books in print
•69% think it’s important to ‘switch off’ and enjoy printed books and magazines

Print is safe, secure, sustainable, and trusted
•71% are increasingly concerned that their personal information held electronically is at risk of being hacked
•73% keep hard copies of important documents filed at home as they believe this is the most safe and secure way of storing information.

Learn more about how Two Sides collaborates with the print industry to promote the value, effectiveness, and sustainability of paper and print. Two Sides membership provides a host of benefits including industry-wide visibility, credibility, and information to help your organisation better understand sustainability issues related to the Graphic Communications Industry and more effectively promote the sustainability of our industry and your business.
more at: https://www.twosides.info/UK/celebrate-international-print-day-2018/

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