CohereOne: Our Best Summit Ever

CohereOne’s 2019 Catalog and Integrated Marketing Summit was a tremendous success, generating energy and enthusiasm, and fostering new connections, among the nearly 300 retailers, industry influencers, and marketing partners in attendance.

As usual, the Summit’s program offered rich and diverse content, oriented towards influencers and decision makers in retail organizations:
• John Edelman (Design Within Reach), Renee Thomas Jacobs ( and Jon Nordmark ( – all highly skilled CEOs – underlined the critical importance of responding to the disruptive and transformative forces impacting the business decisions of all retailers.
• Kevin Fried (Head of Industry – Retail, Google) and Ross Kramer (CEO, Listrak) emphasized the necessity of delivering integrated, data-driven marketing campaigns, and offered key insights and instructions on “how” to do it.
• CohereOne’s Pre-Conference Intensive sessions offered deep dives regarding direct mail, digital and social media marketing.

Gleaned from the Summit’s keynotes and dozens of breakout sessions, here are our Top Five takeaways:
1. Personalization Power. From triggered postcards to integrated email campaigns, personalization is fueling channel optimization and improving customer experiences.
2. Data Impact. Data must be the cornerstone of every retailer’s marketing efforts. Data must drive your organization’s strategic development, which will result in more successful marketing initiatives and campaigns.
3. Customer Focus. Consumers now realize that their information has value, and are more willing to provide it when, in exchange, there’s something in it for them: an offer, exclusivity, or simply an improved customer experience. Now more than ever, retailers must realize they are in business to delight customers.
4. Customer Journey. Customers now expect a seamless communications experience across digital and physical touchpoints. Failing to adapt to customers’ increased expectations puts your business at risk.
5. Amazon Realities. From brand protection to revenue generation, Amazon offers retailers many ways to grow and strengthen its brands.

Through the end of May 2019, we are offering a 50% discount for any strategic audit.

CohereOne’s clientele ranges from digitally native start-ups poised to launch direct mail programs to long-established, more traditional direct marketers that often refer to themselves as “catalogers.” On behalf of our clients, we routinely conduct strategic marketing audits – the results of which highlight precisely where a brand stands, in terms of its application of direct marketing campaign execution best practices (emphasizing the direct mail channel), as well as the integration of customer information observed online into one’s overall direct marketing effort.

You can expect the following from a CohereOne strategic marketing audit:
• Customer file segmentation enhancements
• Prospect audience development improvements
• Increased leverage of, and higher profits from, your digital marketing efforts

Request an audit of your retail operation TODAY! Call (415) 322-6981, or email Todd Miller (SVP, Strategic Services) at

Save The Date for CohereOne’s 2020 Summit! It will be May 12-13, 2020, in beautiful Newport Beach, CA!

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