Color Ink Moves to Fully Digital Production Processes with Strategic Investments (

Color Ink, located in Sussex, Wis., was founded 35 years ago as the print production arm of what was primarily a graphic design studio. Under direction of Todd Meissner, president and son of the founder, the company continues to expand its capabilities through the digital transformation of its production systems in order to bring to life the concepts of in-house designers as well as those of the ad agencies and retail customers it serves.

Currently, Color Ink focuses on the point-of-sale and P-O-P marketplace, which involves creative and often complex products that are largely short run. Some projects call for developing one-off prototypes, but even a client doing business nationwide might need only 10 to 100 finished items to ship to its branches. Meissner notes, “Thirty years ago, the creative solutions were primarily two-dimensional graphics on printed paper. Now our creative involves more structural designs, three dimensions, maybe a unique material or production method, embellishments.”

Serving this short run market efficiently and profitably led Meissner to first invest in digital printing with the purchase of a Komori Impremia IS29, a 29˝ digital printing system, 18 months ago. Now for increasingly complex work—and with an eye to the future—Color Ink has installed a Highcon Euclid III laser digital diecutting system, also from Komori America. The Highcon is a critical piece of the company’s digital transformation, adding capabilities such as digital laser diecutting, creasing and a range of substrate options that can bring eye appeal and novelty to multi-dimensional point-of-sale displays and the premium packaging Color Ink is now producing. The Highcon closes the loop of Color Ink’s now fully digital production processes. “We’re always looking at ways to streamline production or do things in a better way, and that requires investing in the latest in innovative technology,” Meissner says.
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