Colortree Group shuts doors; employees left wondering (Richmond

Two years after returning to local ownership, a 31-year-old direct mail and printing company has apparently ceased operations.

Employees of Henrico-based Colortree Group arrived at work Monday to find the doors of the company’s headquarters locked. Some who were gathered in the company’s otherwise empty parking lot at 8000 Villa Park Drive said they received no notice of the move.

“They didn’t tell us anything,” said Voeurn Long, a press assistant who said he had worked at Colortree two years. “I came to work expecting to work, but I didn’t realize they’d just close.”

Raymond Sprouse, a pressman at Colortree just over two years, said an email went out Monday morning with a number for employees to dial to listen in on a call. He said the call conveyed that the company no longer was financially capable of keeping its workers employed.

Sprouse said the company had told employees awhile back that it was having financial difficulties.

“We didn’t know it was this bad,” he said.

Front doors to Colortree’s administrative offices and a restricted area were locked as of 3 p.m. Sprouse said the call was held a few hours earlier.
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