Dispelling the myths around the print and paper industry – Two Sides release new Myths & Facts booklet

Two Sides are pleased to announce the release of their tenth edition of the hugely popular Myths & Facts booklet.

The A5 booklet has had a redesign and is filled with up to dates facts and figures regarding the print and paper industry.

The Myths & Facts booklet has always been a popular resource for Two Sides members helping to dispel the common misconceptions surrounding the industry making it a great tool for promoting the great environmental story print and paper has to tell.

The topics covered within the booklet include the facts behind forestry, recycling, emissions as well as consumer choice around printed communications.

The myths covered include:
•European forests are shrinking
•Paper is a wasteful product
•Paper is bad for the environment
•Only recycled paper should be used
•Paper production is a major cause of global greenhouse gas emissions
•Paper production consumes an excessive amount of water
•Electronic communication is better for the environment than paper-based communication
•Digital is the preferred means of communication

Each myth is answered with a series of facts and quotes set out in a clear and helpful way to educate and inform.

Some key facts taken from the booklet include:
•Europe is a world leader in paper recycling – 72.3% of paper is recycled.
•42% of the EU-28 is covered by wooded areas making it one of the most forest-rich regions in the world.
•Between 2005 and 2015, European forests grew by 44,000 Square Kilometres – that’s an area bigger than Switzerland and amounts to over 1,500 football pitches every day!
•72% of consumers surveyed worldwide prefer to read the printed version of books.

Members of Two Sides can benefit from branding the booklet with their own logos. By adding your company’s logo to the front cover, and corporate images and text to the inside cover, these personalised booklets can be a valuable tool to share with customers, staff and stakeholders.
more + booklet download at: https://www.twosides.info/UK/dispelling-the-myths-around-the-print-and-paper-industry-two-sides-release-new-myths-facts-booklet

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