DS Smith Plastics Presents Mustang™ Dispensing Tap for Bag-in-Box and Stand Up Pouches

This February Rapak and Worldwide Dispensers will showcase its Mustang™ front push dispensing tap to the Eastern European market for the first time. Mustang dispensing tap extends wine shelf life to as long as 12-16 weeks after opening.

Mustang front push dispensing tap’s uniqueness relies in the lowest oxygen transmission rate (OTR) in the market which significantly extends the shelf life of oxygen-sensitive products. When used on wine flexible bags or pouches, Mustang keeps wine fresh for an impressive four months after it is opened. This makes the Mustang dispenser ideal for sporadic consumption at home and for restaurants and bars serving wine by the glass. Mustang taps also allow customers to pour and dispense wine from the Bag-in-Box or Stand Up Pouch with one hand.

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