EFI Nozomi C18000 Productivity and Quality Inspires Start-Up Company Precision Digital Printing

The high-productivity, high-quality, direct-to-board digital corrugated packaging capabilities of the Nozomi C18000 ultra-high-speed, single-pass LED inkjet digital press from Electronics For Imaging (Nasdaq:EFII) has inspired Arkansas entrepreneurs James, Troy and Justin Best to launch Precision Digital Printing. The leaders of the Jonesboro-based company installed an EFI™ Nozomi press, recognizing it as a truly groundbreaking solution for corrugated production.

“I have been in the corrugated business for 25 years and have been around converting equipment my entire life,” stated Troy Best. “We knew the Nozomi would be a game-changer for the industry, and we chose to found the company as a print-only business serving the trade, giving corrugated converters products they could not sell before.”

In the Precision Digital model, customers supply raw materials, and then Precision Digital prints the provided sheets and sends them back to customers, who then convert them to the finished product. “This service allows corrugated box companies to outsource to us without tying up capital in the investment themselves,” according to Justin Best, who is Troy’s cousin. “The converting houses we have already started to partner with see us as a supplemental resource, not competition, because we don’t do any converting.”

Growth plans to meet an expanding need for digital print
The Bests started Precision Digital Printing last September, with the family spending several months constructing a 100,000 square foot facility designed to house both the new Nozomi and a second Nozomi press the company anticipates purchasing in the future.

“The building is constructed in a mirror-image fashion,” Justin Best explained. “We have loading docks on each side and we constructed a custom conveyor system so sheets coming off the press go right to strapping, are married up with paperwork and are immediately ready for shipping.

“We are just getting production up and running now but will have 20 to 25 employees once we get ramped up,” he added. “We hope to run a second shift within eight months and be in a position to add the second Nozomi sometime after that.”

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