Five Printers Discuss Benefits of Idealliance G7 Master Printer Qualification

Remember the beginning of “The Wizard of Oz”? In the 1939 Hollywood film, Dorothy, played by Judy Garland, survives a tornado only to find her house has been displaced from where it stood in Kansas. When she opens her shadowy, sepia-toned front door, she sees a magical land … filled with color. “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” Dorothy tells her faithful Cairn terrier, Toto.

Indeed, seeing in color can take your breath away. When cyan, magenta, yellow and black are applied correctly to paper, each turn of the page feels like entering a new world.

But how do we get there? Sans the tornado, preferably.

Five print shops shared their experiences of how they’re achieving effective color management across their various production processes. They all agree that one of the best ways to ensure color consistency is through Idealliance’s G7 Master printer qualification program.

What is G7 specification? “It’s like magic,” explains Theresa Cloutier, senior VP of marketing and customer experience at DMM Inc. The transactional print and direct mail solutions provider, based in Scarborough, Maine, first became G7 Master printer qualified in 2014 and has continued to renew its status since then.

In short, G7’s specifications help presses achieve proper gray balance. This enables color to be standardized across all types of analog and digital printing devices, both new and old.
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