How Publishers Are Using Data to Transform Their Marketing Operations (

The rise of big data—and the ability to collect, analyze and use it—has transformed industries from finance and healthcare to retail and logistics, and publishing is no exception. While publishers have always used data in some form, recent years have seen it emerge as an integral component to nearly every aspect of the media business.

While demographic data on readers still matters, the insights available now are far richer, containing information on the preferences and behavior of groups of readers as well. However, every publisher has their own way of collecting, organizing and monetizing data as a product.

“In our shift from a more linear acquisition and retention model to a relationship model where the customer is at the center, data and insights about our customers is critical,” says Nicole McGuire, SVP of consumer marketing at hobbyist magazine publisher Kalmbach Media. “By collecting data and insights about our customers, both purchase and behavior, marketers are better able to deliver relevant messaging to customers and inform content decisions.”
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