Image Test Labs Makes Printing Industry History by Matching Image Reproduction of Offset to Inkjet Web Printing (

Image Test Labs (ITL), a division of Technology Watch, LLC, announced that it has achieved a historic first in the printing industry by configuring an inkjet web press to deliver the image reproduction quality of a commercial sheetfed offset press over a production run of three miles of paper. ITL printed a complex test image on each press side-by-side on the same sheet of paper, demonstrating that the output of the Screen 520 HD SC inkjet web press is suitable for commercial color work that requires offset sheetfed quality.

“It is now possible for a production inkjet web printing press to behave like a sheetfed offset printing press,” said Henry B. Freedman, ITL founding partner. “For the first time, regularly supplied off-the-shelf offset paper has been printed by an inkjet web press without requiring any special coatings, resulting in output image quality that matches or exceeds offset quality. Designers can now get much more of what they want from a digitally printed product, opening up a vast volume of work that can be run on an inkjet web press.”

Important benefits of using offset quality inkjet web printing include as a replacement for offset; as a complement to offset where the digital press prints a variable content signature bound into an offset work; as an alternative, so that the printer does not need to return to offset for subsequent, shorter reorder quantity runs; as a flexible daily option to solve deadlines and costs; and to deliver a lower cost, more easily-obtained and managed substrate paper inventory.
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