Keith Richards Guest Edits MOJO Magazine

Keith Richards has guest edited this month’s issue of Bauer Media’s monthly music bible, MOJO magazine.

It is the first time the legendary rocker has guest edited a UK magazine.

Excited by the opportunity, Keith commented: “It’s been a real privilege to be MOJO’s Guest Editor, thanks you guys. What a great idea. I’ve really enjoyed it. Good luck to the next editor! I seem to have left the office in an awful mess. But it was real fun. I’ve always loved MOJO, it’s always been a straight-up chat with you guys. That’s what I admire. It’s been a pleasure.”

Editor John Mulvey added: “It isn’t often that an editor can be excited about losing their job, but I’m honoured to hand over the MOJO reins this month to Keith Richards. As well as one of the greatest musicians Britain has ever produced, Keith is a passionate scholar of rock, a man of significant wealth and taste. He’s brought a deep love and knowledge of rock’n’roll, the blues, reggae, funk and much more to this very special issue of our magazine; MOJO couldn’t have been put in safer hands.”
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