Mayr-Melnhof Group Announces Annual Results for 2018

The Mayr-Melnhof Group was able to conclude the year 2018 with a further profit increase in succession. A strong development in the first three quarters contrasted with a noticeable market- and production-related decrease in volumes in the final quarter, which reduced the lead over the previous year. The company nevertheless succeeded in maintaining capacity utilization and volumes at a high level on a whole year perspective. The cartonboard division was the main driver of profit growth, in particular as a result of improved average prices. In contrast, a sharp rise in input costs, in particular for cartonboard, put pressure on the margin, as this increase could only be passed on with delay.

In line with the sound profit development, a recommendation will be made to the 25th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on April 24, 2019, to increase the dividend for the financial year 2018 to EUR 3.20 per share (2017: EUR 3.10).

With the acquisition of the Tann-Group, which was successfully closed on January 15, 2019, MM Packaging took an important growth step. The aim is to expand value added and strengthen the profitability of MM Packaging as well as to achieve further growth.

Consolidated sales of the Group totaled EUR 2,337.7 million and thus were at previous year’s level (2017: EUR 2,336.8 million). A price-related increase in sales at the cartonboard division contrasts with a slight decrease at the packaging division.

At EUR 217.1 million, an operating profit above the previous year’s level was achieved (2017: EUR 215.0 million). The Group’s operating margin reached 9.3 % (2017: 9.2 %), the return on capital employed 15.5 % (2017: 15.1 %).

Financial income of EUR 1.3 million (2017: EUR 2.0 million) contrasted with financial expenses of EUR -6.1 million (2017: EUR -6.2 million). “Other financial result − net” went up to EUR 5.6 million (2017: EUR -5.3 million), in particular as a result of foreign currency gains, after one-time expenses due to accumulated currency translations of EUR 2.6 million had been reported in the previous year following the deconsolidation of subsidiaries.

Profit before tax increased by 6.0 % to EUR 217.9 million (2017: EUR 205.5 million). Income tax expenses totaled EUR 53.7 million (2017: EUR 50.5 million), with the effective Group tax rate for 2018 remaining constant at 24.7 % (2017: 24.6 %).

Profit for the year rose by 5.9 % to EUR 164.2 million (2017: EUR 155.0 million).
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