Midland’s Packaging Design Center Delivers Results For Milk Street

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Coffee Sugar is marketed as a spice additive that “elevates your morning cup of coffee”. Seeking a retail presence, Milk Street reached out to Midland for a packaging solution that would be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and economical. However, like many customers, Milk Street wanted to explore their packaging options and review different materials.

Options that were considered included tin containers, glass jars, paper tubes, and plastic pouches. Ultimately, a plastic stand up pouch was the chosen solution based on the following attributes: a single SKU item, consumer ability to re-close, large front face for branding and low cost.

Kyle Garvin was instrumental in driving the success of this project by providing a turn key design center solution which offered concepts, presentations, pricing and samples, ultimately leading to a PO and repeat business.

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