Mohawk Celebrates Beauty in the Tenth Issue of Award-Winning Mohawk Maker Quarterly Publication

Mohawk, North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty substrates for commercial and digital printing, announces the publication of the tenth issue of Mohawk’s Maker Quarterly series, featuring content focused on the topic of beauty.

Since the Mohawk Maker Quarterly’s inception in 2013, and with each issue since, Mohawk and partner, Hybrid Design have pushed the boundaries of creative expression in print. Issue nine featured a substantial change to the masthead and a new form factor, while issue ten goes one step further by completely upending traditional publication guidelines by organizing the content in a series of five large-format posters.

“This issue seeks to prove that beauty is far more than a superficial aesthetic trait. It is a force that inspires, moves and engages us,” says Chris Harrold, vice president and creative director, Mohawk. “We hope that the Beauty Issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly helps designers harness the connection between meaning and beauty to create transformative work.”

Dora Drimalas, Principal of Hybrid Design adds, “Beauty motivates, opens our eyes and captures our attention. It has the remarkable power to move us independent of, and often in opposition to, our rational mind. Even for those of us who can admit beauty moves us, we struggle to justify it. To make truly great work we need to accept the value of that which is hard to measure, and unapologetically advocate for the emotional response it can provoke.”

The cover of issue ten is a tri-fold pocket folder which serves as a container for the five sections of this quarterly, each printed on different textured and colored Mohawk papers. Inspired by airport carpets, the cover pattern aims to create beauty from a source we rarely notice and otherwise find aesthetically unappealing. The combination of Strathmore Wove Charcoal Gray and holographic foil allows the beauty of the materials to shine, creating a visual and tactile experience with a single printing process.

The inside front cover features a table of contents introducing the five “chapters” of the publication, each designed to explore beauty from a unique perspective and a distinct voice while demonstrating five different papers. Each chapter is an eight-panel “mega-brochure” that reveals a full 24 x 36” poster featuring photography, typography, illustration, narrative and architecture when it is unfolded.
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