Mondi introduces the first all-in-one customer platform for paper sacks worldwide

Customers of Mondi Industrial Bags, the world’s leading industrial paper bags producer, can now enjoy the convenience of 24/7 customer service through the new myMondi web-based platform. It is the first all-in-one digital customer platform available in the paper sack industry worldwide.

Rudy Nouws, Plant Manager, Natural Granen NV / Group Arvesta says, “I am a true fan of the new myMondi system. I can check my stock and order history any time. Sending call-offs works really easily, and you get a confirmation immediately so you know your order is confirmed.”

Mondi is a leading global packaging and paper group, constantly innovating to develop better and more sustainable solutions for its customers. Yet product innovation is only half the story; just as important is to improve processes and offer innovative services. Over the past two years, Mondi’s Industrial Bags team has been developing myMondi while taking into consideration the needs and input of its customers.

The resulting online service will make everyday business easier and more convenient for customers who rely on Mondi paper sacks.

Multitude of features and functions
myMondi provides up-to-date product and stock information, allows customers to place orders and track the order status anytime, anywhere. Once registered on the platform, a simple login is all that’s needed to obtain an ‘at-a-glance’ overview of the account and manage orders in a secure online environment.

Claudio Fedalto, Sales & Marketing Director, Mondi Industrial Bags says, “We believe customers will enjoy the transparency that myMondi provides. They can be sure to have our latest, up-to-date product information and specifications, all of which are available on the platform, as well as the details and control of their individual customer account.”

From their myMondi account dashboard, customers are immediately able to see information about their current stock at Mondi, available products to order, current open orders or claims and the newest product innovations. With just few clicks, they can download reports on their stock management, product information, certificates, and have an overview with a filtering option for their invoices and credit notes.

Moreover, they can reorder their paper sacks anytime quickly and easily, always keeping an eye on their stock for obsolete or aged bags. Orders via the platform immediately reach Mondi’s systems, speeding up the time to delivery. Should a customer wish to submit a claim, myMondi makes it possible to do so online and to check up on its progress any time.

Easy and convenient access
Two primary criteria in the design of myMondi were that it be easy to navigate and efficient to use. The objective was to make it easy for customers to obtain the right paper sacks and information for their business needs in the most timely and efficient way.

In this fast-paced world, customers appreciate being able to quickly access useful information from their account whenever they choose and from any computer, smartphone or tablet device. myMondi is available to customers worldwide in 13 languages.

Claudio Fedalto, Sales & Marketing Director, Mondi Industrial Bags, says, “Naturally our salespeople continue to welcome direct contact from customers and are happy to answer any questions and handle orders as before. myMondi simply gives our customers an additional channel for high-quality service – one that is easy to access and available round the clock.”

Customers already using myMondi appreciate its speed and ease of use:
“We all were very impressed by the platform and its capabilities. We look forward to exploring using the platform as we move forward in time.” John Fitzgerald, Purchasing Manager, Lakeland

“The myMondi system looks really nice and is very user friendly. I can access the correct data any time, so getting my reports works really efficiently and I save a lot of time at work.” Peter Van Den Langenbergh, Production Manager, Beduco NV

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