New Form Of Malvertising Hits Exchanges, Costs Industry $325 Million This Year (

A new form of malvertising only impacts ads served via programmatic exchanges, and 87% of those attacks appeared in header bidding in the past few months, according to an ad security provider.

GeoEdge’s security team uncovered the malvertising that affects WebRTC, a commonly used server-less communications protocol, based on internal data monitoring tens of billions of impressions. The team reverse-engineered several scripts and deobfuscated the code used by the attackers.

The company estimates the loss for publishers this year at $325 million. About 84% of the attacks occur on mobile devices and 16% occur on tablets.

The protocol, which is backed by Google, Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft, attempts to solve the complexities of managing browser-based real-time communication.

But WebRTC malvertising attacks are complex, and only can be identified through behavioral analysis because the communications protocol doesn’t run on a server, so there is no domain to block.
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