Now’s the Time to Be Different

As the world changed almost overnight, so did advertising. First, it was “Our Response to COVID-19” emails from every brand we’ve ever purchased from. Now, it’s one commercial after another reminding us that “we’re all in this together.”

While these messages are relevant and encouraging, many brands are starting to say and do a lot of the same things. Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s important to stay in front of your customers right now and acknowledge the situation. It’s also important to maintain momentum, because after the crisis passes, it will be easier to keep pace rather than trying to start from a dead stop.

But that doesn’t mean you have to follow the herd.

  1. Reach out in a non-transactional way. One of the best (and most memorable) examples I’ve seen came from Glossier. The relatively new makeup company sent me an email last week with “A little something” as the subject line.
  2. Give people something to look forward to. Holidays, birthdays, happy hours. The events we were so accustomed to celebrating have either been postponed, or look a lot different than they used to. We’re craving something, anything, to look forward to, which presents brands with a unique opportunity.
  3. Go the extra mile. Pretty much every brand is reaching out right now to say “we’re here for you.” The message is followed by their customer service phone number and a link to their 24/7 online chat service.
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