Oji Holdings Announcement Regarding Commercialization of Cellulose Nano-Fiber for Cosmetic Invredients as “AUROVISCO CS”

Oji Holdings Corporation (“Oji”, Director of the Board/President: Masatoshi Kaku, Head Office: Tokyo) and Nikkol Group – Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Director of the Board/President: Sizuo Ukaji, Head Office: Tokyo) have been jointly developing Cellulose Nano-Fiber (CNF) for cosmetic ingredients, and announce to commercialize it as “AUROVISCO CS.”

We won the Silver Award with “AUROVISCO CS” in “Functional Ingredients” division of “Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards” at one of the largest exhibitions for cosmetic ingredients, “in-cosmetics Global 2018” in Amsterdam (term: Apr. 17-19, 2018). Being highly evaluated as a thickening/dispersing agent with unprecedented function by a large number of experts in cosmetics industry, and consumers all over the world have been waiting for its commercialization.

This product has large thixotropic property, while its viscosity is extremely high: 100 times higher than that of naturally-derived thickeners such as carboxymethyl cellulose. It also has a non-sticky and moist feel. In addition, due to its excellent dispersing ability, this product is expected to be applied to a wider range of cosmetic products. Another feature is that the raw material, wood fiber, is sustainable and renewable resource derived from forest.
more detail at: https://www.ojiholdings.co.jp/Portals/0/resources/content/files/english/ir/news/2019/H54C5UG.pdf?TabModule1218=0

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