Post Pandemic Predictions: 15 Thoughts for the Marketer (

By now, all of us would agree that Covid-19 will remain in the collective human psyche for years to come. What does this mean to you as a marketer? It means we must take a new look at consumers with a fresh perspective. Just as we did after the Great Depression and 9-11, we will inevitably see changes on a global level. While these changes may occur differently for each individual, for most it will revamp the way we live and think for the long term.

In recent months, I’ve been fascinated by how shifts have crept into our lives in unexpected ways, creating challenges for every brand on this earth. How are you preparing for these transformations? How will it affect the way you plan for merchandise and services, your messaging and your overall customer experience?

The following is certainly not a complete list of considerations or predictions but it clearly lists how marketers must remain flexible and engage in re-imagining a new business model. Every brand must take a hard look at what they offer, pivot quickly to meet the new reality and meet consumers where they are.
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