Postal Regulations That Trouble Print Service Providers (

Print service providers don’t always mail what they produce for their clients, but when they do, they must be clear about the rules and regulations administered by the U.S. Postal Service. Generating mailings (or even designing mailings) without considering the mailing requirements can blow the client’s budget, cause delivery delays, or depress campaign results. In severe cases the postal service might even reject the mail. Help clients get the most from their investments in printed and mailed communications and generate worry-free mail by being informed about mailing requirements.

Move Update
Move update is the USPS’ regulation aimed at decreasing the volume of mail that requires forwarding, disposal, or returning to the sender. Besides diminishing the ROI on a mailing campaign, undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail increases expenses for the USPS and delays deliveries. Mailers have choices about how they go about conforming to the move update regulation. The Postal Service approves of three methods:
1.Address Correction Service – This address correction method is accomplished post-mailing.
2.NCOA Link – Pre-mailing address correction is accomplished via NCOA Link.
3.Ancillary Service Endorsements – Endorsements printed on the mailpieces or encoded in the intelligent mail barcode tell the postal service what to do with UAA mail.

In-Home Dates can Fluctuate
Timing is important. Clients want assurance of when their marketing mail will be delivered but predictability isn’t always easy. In-home dates are obviously important when promoting a sale or an event, but multi-channel campaigns also rely heavily on when direct mail arrives in consumer mailboxes.
1.Informed Visibility (IV) – Intelligent mail barcodes printed on mailpieces and on pallets and other mail containers allow the USPS to track the progress of mail as it moves through the delivery network.
2.Drop Shipping – Instead of entering all the mail for a national campaign at their local postal facility, mailers can truck the mail (at their expense) to sectional center facilities (SCF’s) nearest the delivery addresses.
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