Postal Updates 9.13.2018 (Arandell)

– August 30th White House Will Not Release the Postal Task Force Report Until After Midterm Elections
The Trump administration is planning to keep under wraps until after the mid-term elections. Recommendations are expected to be actionable, either by legislation or regulation, but Trump’s Administration is not planning implementation until voters elect a new Congress.

“The task force is continuing its work to identify solutions to strengthen the USPS business
model driving toward a public report before the end of the year.”

– August 28th Senate Confirms 2 Postal Governors and President Trump Nominates 2 Additional Governors
The two new governors will be placed into earlier vacated, short-term positions and voted in by the Senate are David Williams, former US Postal Service Inspector General & Robert M Duncan, former Republican National Committee Chairman.

The White House announced two additional Nominees: Ron A. Bloom of New York; Roman Martinez IV of Florida.

– Impact of not having a Board of Governors for nearly 2 years…
Rate increase of 2.5 to 3.0% in January 2019
Complex business issues requiring review/approval, such as; critical capital expenses, labor policy, strategic guidance, and the Presidents Task Force Recommendations.
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