Publishers push for full repeal of Canadian newsprint tariffs (nypost)

The Commerce Department said it was rolling back the tariff it is imposing on newsprint imported from Canada by as much as a third.

Publishers still want all the tariffs abolished, claiming it is hurting everyone, including US paper producers.

The original tariffs imposed in May were slapping up to 30 percent extra onto the price of newsprint from Canada. The new tariffs range from 8 percent to 20 percent.

“These import duties on newsprint have already caused job losses in the printing and publishing sectors and have resulted in decreased news coverage in local communities,” said David Chavern, president and CEO of the News Media Alliance, an umbrella industry group.

“It’s a step in the right direction, but these tariffs are still causing damage and need to be repealed to protect newspapers,” said Paul Boyle, head of Stop Tariffs on Printers & Publishers (STOPP).

Newsprint, the second biggest cost to publishers after workers, is now close to $800 a metric ton, said Boyle.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette later this month will cut its print edition to five days, from seven, making it one of the largest big-city dailies to take such a dramatic step in the wake of the paper hike.
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