Sandy Alexander Installs First EFI VUTEk 5r Roll-to-Roll LED Printer in U.S.

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. announced that Sandy Alexander, Inc. is the first U.S. customer to purchase and install EFI’s new high-volume, 5-meter EFI VUTEk 5r LED roll-to-roll printer. The Clifton, N.J.-based integrated multi-channel communication solutions provider chose the superwide-format printer to add greater production capacity and redundancy in its growing Wide Format division.

According to Michael Graff, president and CEO of Sandy Alexander, the new addition reflects the company’s commitment to building even stronger relationships with clients by addressing their evolving needs.

“Every year, customers’ expectations ratchet up as shorter time to market and lower costs are part of the narrative for businesses everywhere,” Graff says. “As our customers are pressed to meet tight deadlines and contain costs, we focus on researching and investing in state-of-the-art technology, and keeping a watchful eye on how best to tighten-up our workflow to drive efficiency. Being better, faster, and more efficient is what gives us our edge.”

Premium-quality Imaging with 7 Picoliter UltraDrop Technology
Featuring high-resolution, 7-picoliter EFI UltraDrop Technology, the new VUTEk 5r model offers the fastest throughput for a superwide-format printer in its class, giving Sandy Alexander the ability to maximize performance, efficiency and quality. Introduced in January 2017, the new 5-meter device runs at speeds up to 4,896 square feet per hour (455 square meters) in resolutions up to 1,200 dpi. Now, the company is maximizing its production time, with a fast print system and less downtime between jobs thanks to integrated finishing systems.

Optional features Sandy Alexander installed with the VUTEk device enhance the value of print offerings the company provides. Prior to the new printer, Sandy Alexander moved superwide-format jobs to a cutting table for finishing after printing. But the 5r model’s X-Y bi-directional slitters eliminate that process, significantly reducing handling tasks. The printer also features optional light colors, as well as white ink, for higher-end imaging quality and expanded versatility when printing on transparent or colored media.

“In terms of LED inkjet print quality, our new VUTEk 5r printer can print anything a latex or conventional roll-to-roll printer could produce and the output is terrific,” according to Graff. “And the X-Y cutting on the printer is a tremendous time saver that gives us more efficiency and a faster time to market.”

The latest-version EFI Fiery proServer digital front end installed with the printer helps Sandy Alexander achieve accurate, superior color management, plus it features a highly advanced RIP engine for remarkably fast file processing.

“With their intense focus on providing the best communications offerings, Mike Graff and his team at Sandy Alexander have a lot to show the market in terms of delivering high-quality print with maximum efficiency,” says Frank Mallozzi, EFI’s senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. “Through our partnership, EFI is happy to provide our newest roll-to-roll LED inkjet technology, which gives the company a distinct competitive advantage.”

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