Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box at the Goodwine show in Romania

The wine and grape industry has recently witnessed a soar in premium wines packaged in Bag-in-Box® due to its popularity among consumers who appreciate its convenience and long shelf-life after opening. Thanks to the great technological features of the system, including quality bags, the Vitop tap and outer boxes, the quality and properties of the wine are maintained for several weeks after opening.

Catalin Costiniuc, the sales manager for Romania and Bulgaria says, “We have developed unique expertise in the domain of wine packaging in Bag-in-Box®. For instance, our Vitop® tap is the tap that is most used for Bag-in-Box® solutions. Its excellent oxygen barrier, zero leak rate and premium quality are the reason for its success and explain why it has become such an essential element of Bag-in-Box® solutions.”

A range of premium wines in Bag-in-Box will be offered for tasting on the stand.
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