Stora Enso ranks highest in report on Sustainability Communication in Sweden

Stora Enso has received the highest rating in a report on Sustainability Communication in Sweden. The study, which includes all 72 companies listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap index, is conducted with the aim to explore and measure sustainability communication. The report is commissioned by the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) at the Stockholm School of Economics.

The companies included in the study (named “Walking the Talk”) are rated based on what they say that they will do (“talk”), and what they say that they have done (“walk”) with regards to Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility. Stora Enso was the only company to achieve the highest score of 17/17 within the “talk” category and also shared the highest rating in the “walk” category with a score of 14/17.

“It is very rewarding to receive a strong rating in something that is high on our corporate agenda and that we allocate a lot of time and resources to,” said Noel Morrin, Executive Vice President of Global Responsibility at Stora Enso. “Sustainability is a continuous mission and one where the definitions as well as the criteria for success are changing rapidly. We are dedicated to become a global frontrunner when it comes to both social and environmental issues, and the top ranking in MISUM’s report shows that we are on the right path.”

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