Textile Dunnage used on Metal Tower Systems Improves Material Handling Efficiencies and Provides Safe Manoeuvring on Manufacturing Shop Floors

Durable shelving and dunnage allow the use of tower systems on shop floor environments by protecting components that could be easily damaged or misplaced in production floors.

DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products offers a selection of Tower dunnage systems for different market sectors. These tower systems are a hybrid between industrial packaging, shelving and supply-line packaging. The systems are easily moved vertically across the shop floor for easy access of production line components and safe material handling.

Known for optimising space on assembly lines, tower systems make for great shelf systems offering with easy access to components stored in the tower. Shelves are made with textile dunnage that prevents scratching on components that are sensitive to scuffs and scrapes. Furthermore, the use of textile on tower systems keeps the solution lightweight and easier to manoeuvre across the floor either manually or with autonomous guiding vehicles.

For better functionality tower systems can have a gearbox with different speed options based on weight and rack options for the tower systems to be utilized from all sides for less operator movement while remaining maximized control. The feature allows less bending for production workers as most shelves can be lower to chest height. The solution also uses heavy duty batteries to ensure seamless movement for a long time.

DS Smith Plastics tower systems were even put against simulated harsh conditions that could be faced in a typical work environment and stood strong at the end of it. These tests included overloading the racks. It showed no unexpected jerks or shakes due to its bottom weight stabilizer.

Tower systems with textile dunnage will save time on shop floors with easier material handling and shorter load times. All facets of the solution are completely customizable to fit the needs of individual customers.

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